This safe offers extra protection with its motorized shooting bolts. The LED display adds richness to the sleek design. The attractive graphite grey color charms any home or office environment.


  • LED display gives crisp visibility to access the safe anytime.
  • Auto-freeze after consecutive wrong attempts delays the attack by an intruder.
  • Master Code for a different or single user.
  • Auto freeze after consecutive wrong attempts delays any attack by an intruder.
  • USB data retrieval helps to identify the time of access (opening & closing of the safe).
  • Non volatile memory prevents loss of any password when the battery is low.

Related Information:

  • Can be bolted to the wall, floor, or inside your wardrobe



Model Dimensions in mm Weight in Kg Volume in Litres Body Thickness in mm
Height Width Depth Wall Door
Stilo 254 350 250 11 15 2 4


Customer Segment

Private Offices, Hotels, Shops, Departmental Stores, Cash Counters, Retail Outlets, Restaurant, Schools, Hospitals and private households.


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