It is designed to protect your handy cash and valuable possessions, be it for a small business or personal home use. Premium Coffer comes with two sturdy shooting bolts to ensure reliable security.


  • Single Plate multi bend construction with powder coated finish with attractive fascia
  • 2 shooting bolts for extra protection
  • Sturdy bolt work secured by a 6 – Lever lock.
  • Armored Plate to shield from drill & hammer assault.
  • Shelf can be detached for added storage.

Additional Information:

  • Can be bolted in your wardrobe, wall or floor.
  • Optional dual control Gordian Lock



Model / Type Height Width Depth Net Weight Gross Weight Volume
Premium Coffer 255 360 325 20 20.5 20

Customer Segment

Private Offices, Factories and Warehouses, Hospitals, Refineries, Allied Industries, Post offices, Homes, Shops, Hotels, Schools and Apartment Buildings.


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