The name itself implies the great strength of this safe with an added advantage of its compact size. It has a heavy plate door with solid steel bearing block and a drill-resistant armor plate for shielding the lock and bolt. The safe comes with 2 shooting bolts and an additional locker in the inside. The safe can only be accessed with a high precision 6 lever key.
Heavy armor plate door with fully welded multi-bend body gives tremendous strength with an aesthetically appealing powder coat finish.


  • Twin solid steel shooting bolts for extra protection.
  • It has an internal drawer with locking facility for added security.
  • Gordian lock that needs 2 keys to be opened
  • Stylized & convenient new handle
  • Also available in digital/electronic variant



Model / Type Height Width Depth Net Weight Volume Body Thickness
Wall Door
Rhino 420 460 395 40 45 2.5 5

Customer Segment

Hospitals, Refineries, Private Offices, Factories and Warehouses, Allied Industries, Post offices, Homes, Shops, Schools, Universities and Restaurants.


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