A new-age safe, Taurus is a class apart. Its ivory color along with its motorized locking mechanism makes it one of the most ideal electronic home safes to possess.


  • It offers a digital locking for Home and Hotel purpose.
  • Push Button Keypad for long lasting durability.
  • Auto-freeze after consecutive wrong attempts delays the attack by an intruder.
  • Non-volatile memory prevents loss of any password when the battery is low.
  • Mechanical override in case you forget your password.
  • Indicates low battery pre-informing you to replace them before your next access.
  • USB data retrieval helps to identify the time of access (opening & closing of the safe).

Related Information:

  • Can be bolted to the wall, floor, or inside your wardrobe

Security : N/A



Model Dimensions in mm Weight in Kg Volume in Litre Body Thickness in mm
Height Width Depth Wall Door
Taurus 250 350 250 10 14 2 5

Customer Segment

Hotels, Private Offices, Shops, Departmental Stores, Cash Counter, Retail Outlets, Restaurant, Schools, Hospitals and private households.