A safe enabled with an advanced swipe reader that can be locked and accessed by the use of debit/credit cards. It not only enhances your security, but also adds to the elegance of your well done interiors.
The safe can be accessed with a 3 to 6 digit password or by swiping your personal debit/credit card. You can use both options together for added security.


  • A magnetic strip reader which easily identifies your personal debit or credit card.
  • Auto-freeze after consecutive wrong attempts delays any attack by an intruder.
  • Option to enable or disable a Master Code for different or single user.
  • Indicates low battery pre-informing you to replace them before your next access.
  • Non-volatile memory prevents loss of any password when the battery is low.
  • Mechanical override feature helps in case you forget your password.
  • USB data retrieval helps to identify the time of access (opening & closing of the safe).

Related Information:

  • Can be bolted to the wall, floor, or inside your wardrobe.



Model Dimensions in mm Weight in Kg Volume in Litres Body Thickness in mm
Height Width Depth Wall Door
E-Swipe 250 455 375 15 35 2 5

Customer Segment

Hotels, Private Offices, Shops, Departmental Stores, Cash Counter, Retail Outlets, Restaurant, Schools, Universities, Hospitals and private households


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