Dual Access

Key Features

  • Multi-row Pin Cylinder Technology
  • Smooth Reversible Ultra Key with 10 Crore key combinations for prevention of key duplication.
  • Solid Brass body with rivetless, jointless construction giving it a robust design.
  • Hardened shackle with both side locking with steel cam for added security.
  • Satin nickel finish for appealing aesthetics.
  • Patented design, the first of its kind in India & Nepal.

Security : Level 2

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Product Code Model Shackle Dimension in mm Body Dimension in mm
Height Width Depth Width Depth
7395 Dual Access 94 33 10 61 28

Locking Feature

ProduCode Model No of keys Shackle Material Locking Type
7395 Dual Access 3 Hardened Steel Double

Security Feature

Product Code Model Hacksaw Resistant Force Resistant Corrosion Resistant Master Key Pick Resistant
7395 Dual Access


Petrol Pumps, Temples, Dairy Material Transportation, Ballot Boxes, High Value Courier, Store house at construction sites, ATMs, Jails, Base Transmission Centre for mobile, Cloak Room, Tool Room, Ammunition Depot, Examination Centre, Blood Banks, Hospitals, Containers, Hotels, Restricted Home Area.


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